Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of chitosan and its derivatives and their applications: A review.

  title={Antimicrobial and antioxidant properties of chitosan and its derivatives and their applications: A review.},
  author={Mohamed Ezzat Abd El-Hack and Mohamed T. El‐Saadony and Manal Esam Shafi and Nidal M. Zabermawi and Muhammad Arif and Gaber El-Saber Batiha and Asmaa F. Khafaga and Yasmina M Abd El-Hakim and Adham A. Al-Sagheer},
  journal={International journal of biological macromolecules},
Preparation and Antimicrobial Activity of Chitosan and Its Derivatives: A Concise Review
The antimicrobial potential including mechanism of action, factors that influence the antimicrobial activity and the activity against resistant strains, are topics of great interest in the context of the concern raised by the available therapeutic options for infections, especially with resistant strains.
Chitosan: An Overview of Its Properties and Applications
This review discusses how chitosan chemistry can solve the problems related to its poor solubility and can boost the polymer properties and two polymer applications related to green processes are reviewed: the use of chitan in the green synthesis of metallic nanoparticles and its use as support for biocatalysts.
Antimicrobial activity of chitosan nanoparticles
This review is to focus on recent application of CSNPs as antibacterial and antifungal agent and to highlight the effectiveness of employing chitosan with silver and other metal nanoparticles.
Protective, Biostimulating, and Eliciting Effects of Chitosan and Its Derivatives on Crop Plants
Chitosan is a biodegradable and biocompatible polysaccharide obtained by partial deacetylation of chitin. This polymer has been gaining increasing popularity due to its natural origin, favorable
Antimicrobial Properties of Chitosan and Chitosan Derivatives in the Treatment of Enteric Infections
This review gives an overview of the preparation of chitosan, its derivatives, and the conjugates with other polymers and nanoparticles with better antimicrobial properties, explains the direct and indirect mechanisms of action of chitatean, and summarizes current treatment for enteric infections.
Applications of Chitosan and its Derivatives in Skin and Soft Tissue Diseases
The structure and biological characteristics of chitosan and its derivatives are summarized, including anti-infection, promotion of wound healing, tissue regeneration and anticancer on soft tissue diseases are elaborated.
Chitosan: A Versatile Polymer for 21st Century
Chitosan arouses large interest due to its properties and possible applications. Every year the number of publications and patents based on this polymer increases. Chitosan exhibits poor solubility
Electrospinning of Chitosan for Antibacterial Applications—Current Trends
Chitosan is a natural biopolymer that can be suitable for a wide range of applications due to its biocompatibility, rigid structure, and biodegradability. Moreover, it has been proven to have an
Preparation and Characterization of Bioactive Chitosan-Based Films Incorporated with Olive Leaves Extract for Food Packaging Applications
Results indicate that the active films have substantial antimicrobial activity against Listeria monocytogenes and Campylobacter jejuni mostly extending the microorganisms lag phase and the combination of OLE and chitosan allows to obtain a promising active bio-based packaging solution for addressing safety and quality issues.


Chitosan-natural antioxidant conjugates: Synthesis, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties
A new and efficient synthesis procedure for conjugating hydroxycinnamic acids to chitosan with the degree of substitution (DS) 25 and 50%, based on the use of tertbutyldimethylsilyl (TBDMS) protection is developed.
Antimicrobial Activity of Chitosan Derivatives Containing N-Quaternized Moieties in Its Backbone: A Review
This review presents some relevant work regarding the use of quaternized chitosan-derivatives obtained by different synthetic paths in applications as antimicrobial agents.
Progress in antimicrobial activities of chitin, chitosan and its oligosaccharides: a systematic study needs for food applications
  • J. Dutta, S. Tripathi, P. Dutta
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Food science and technology international = Ciencia y tecnologia de los alimentos internacional
  • 2012
A tremendous effort has been made over the past decade to develop and test films with antimicrobial properties to improve food safety and shelf-life and this review highlights the preparation, mechanism, antimicrobial activity, optimization of biocide properties of chitosan films and applications including biocatalysts for the improvement of quality and shelf life of foods.
Antioxidant effects of chitin, chitosan, and their derivatives.
Chitosan as a bioactive polymer: Processing, properties and applications.
Evaluation of different factors affecting antimicrobial properties of chitosan.