Antimicrobial action of epsilon-poly-L-lysine.


The antimicrobial spectrum of epsilon-poly-L-lysine (n = 25-30, epsilon-PL) was investigated by comparison with alpha-poly-L-lysine (n = 50, alpha-PL). epsilon-PL showed antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive and -negative bacteria at concentrations of 1-8 micrograms/ml. alpha-PL was less active than epsilon-PL. A chain length of at least 10 L-lysine… (More)


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@article{Shima1984AntimicrobialAO, title={Antimicrobial action of epsilon-poly-L-lysine.}, author={S Shima and Hidehiro Matsuoka and T. Iwamoto and Hiroki Sakai}, journal={The Journal of antibiotics}, year={1984}, volume={37 11}, pages={1449-55} }