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Antimicrobial Activity of an Edible Wild Plant, Apiifolia Virgin's Bower (Clematis apiifolia DC)

  title={Antimicrobial Activity of an Edible Wild Plant, Apiifolia Virgin's Bower (Clematis apiifolia DC)},
  author={K. Kyung and Yong H Woo and Dong Sub Kim and H. J. Park and Y. S. Kim},
  journal={Food Science and Biotechnology},
An edible wild perennial plant with extremely potent antimicrobial activity was found and identified as apiifolia Virgin’s Bower (Clematis apiifolia DC) which is easily found around wet wildernesses. Fresh fruit extract of C. apiifolia exhibited minimum inhibitory concentrations (MIC) in the vicinity of 0.1% against various yeasts and of less than or equal to 0.4% for non-lactic acid bacteria. MICs against lactic acid bacteria were about 2.0%. The antimicrobial activity of C. apiifolia fruit… Expand
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