Antimatter underestimated

  title={Antimatter underestimated},
  author={Andr{\'e} Gsponer and J P Hurni},
We warn of the potential nuclear proliferation’s consequences of military applications of nano- or microgram amounts of antimatter, such as triggering of high-yield thermonuclear explosions, laser pumping, compact sources of energy, directed-energy beams, and portable sources of muons. 

The physics of antimatter induced fusion and thermonuclear explosions

The possibility of using antihydrogen for igniting inertia l confinement fusion pellets or triggering large-scale thermonuclear ex plosions is investigated. The number of antiproton annihilations

Iraq ’ s calutrons Electromagnetic isotope separation , beam technology , and nuclear weapon proliferation

The past and present status of high-current electromagnetic isotope separation (EMIS) technology for uranium and plutonium enrichment (i.e. calutrons) is reviewed in the five nuclear weapons states

Physics of high-intensity high-energy particle beam propagation in open air and outer-space plasmas

This report is a self-contained and comprehensive review of the physics of propagating pulses of high-intensity high-energy particle beams in pre-existing or self-generated plasmas. Consideration is

Research & Development, and Applications in the Arms Race : Exercising Judgement on Lines of Research

* Alvin M. Saperstein is Professor of Physics at the Department of Physics, and the Director of Research of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, USA.



Principles and Applications of Muon Cooling

The basic principles of the application of ‘‘ionization cooling’’ to obtain high phase‐space density muon beams are described, and its limitations are outlined. Sample cooling scenarios are

How to make antimatter last

An experiment at CERN has shown that antiprotons can be kept for several minutes in an electromagnetic trap. But the prospect of making reality of the science fiction remains remote.

Augenstein: Concepts, problems, and opportunities for use of annihilation energy, Prepared for the United States Air Force

    Concepts, problems, and opportunities for use of annihilation energy, Prepared for the United States Air Force

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