Antimalarial drug policy in India: Past, present & future

  title={Antimalarial drug policy in India: Past, present & future},
  author={Anupkumar R. Anvikar and Usha Arora and G. S. Sonal and Neelima Mishra and Bharatendu Shahi and Deepali D Savargaonkar and Navin Kumar and Naman K. Shah and Neena Valecha},
  booktitle={The Indian journal of medical research},
The use of antimalarial drugs in India has evolved since the introduction of quinine in the 17 th century. Since the formal establishment of a malaria control programme in 1953, shortly after independence, treatments provided by the public sector ranged from chloroquine, the mainstay drug for many decades, to the newer, recently introduced artemisinin based combination therapy. The complexity of considerations in antimalarial treatment led to the formulation of a National Antimalarial Drug… CONTINUE READING