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Antimalarial activities of Breynia Nivosa

  title={Antimalarial activities of Breynia Nivosa},
  author={E. Jude and D. Koofreh and B. Azare},
  journal={Journal of Herbal Drugs: International Journal on Medicinal Herbs},
Background & Aim: Antiplasmodial activity of leaf extract of Breynia nivosa was evaluated to ascertain the folkloric claim of its antimalarial activity. Experimental: The crude leaf extract (75 – 225 mg/kg), of Breynia nivosa was investigated for antiplasmodial activity against chloroquine sensitive Plasmodium berghei infections in mice. The antiplasmodial activity during early and established infections as well as prophylactic were investigated. Artesunate 5 mg/kg and pyrimethamine 1.2 mg/kg… Expand
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