Antilipolytic action of insulin: role of cAMP phosphodiesterase activation.

  title={Antilipolytic action of insulin: role of cAMP phosphodiesterase activation.},
  author={Martin Elks and Vincent C. Manganiello},
  volume={116 5},
Exposure of 3T3-L1 adipocytes to 1 nM insulin for 10 min results in activation of particulate cAMP phosphodiesterase and suppression of lipolysis stimulated by 10 nM isoproterenol. When lipolysis was increased by cilostamide, a selective inhibitor of the particulate phosphodiesterase, the antilipolytic effect of insulin was not observed. Insulin did suppress lipolysis stimulated by Ro 20-1724, an inhibitor of soluble cAMP phosphodiesterase activity. Cilostamide did not interfere with insulin… CONTINUE READING


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