Antileukemic activity of nuclear export inhibitors that spare normal hematopoietic cells

  title={Antileukemic activity of nuclear export inhibitors that spare normal hematopoietic cells},
  author={Julia Etchin and Qingxiang Sun and Alex Kentsis and Alicia Farmer and Zhongwei Zhang and Takaomi Sanda and Marc R Mansour and Carla Barcel{\'o} and Dilara McCauley and Michael G. Kauffman and Sharon Shacham and Amanda L. Christie and Andrew L Kung and Scott J Rodig and Yuh Min Chook and A Thomas Look},
Drugs that target the chief mediator of nuclear export, chromosome region maintenance 1 protein (CRM1) have potential as therapeutics for leukemia, but existing CRM1 inhibitors show variable potencies and a broad range of cytotoxic effects. Here, we report the structural analysis and antileukemic activity of a new generation of small-molecule inhibitors of CRM1. Designated selective inhibitors of nuclear export (SINE), these compounds were developed using molecular modeling to screen a small… CONTINUE READING


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Journal of clinical medicine • 2016
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