Antileishmanial activity of lapachol analogues.

  title={Antileishmanial activity of lapachol analogues.},
  author={Nadja Maria Fernandes Lima and Clariane S Correia and Leonor Laura Pinto Leon and G{\'e}rzia M. C. Machado and Maria de F{\'a}tima Madeira and Ant{\^o}nio Euz{\'e}bio Goulart Santana and Mar{\'i}lia Oliveira Fonseca Goulart},
  journal={Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz},
  volume={99 7},
The antileishmanial activity of lapachol, isolapachol, and dihydrolapachol, along with soluble derivatives (potassium salt) and acetate was obtained. All the compounds were assayed against metacyclic promastigotes of two different species of Leishmania associated to tegumentar leishmaniasis: L. amazonensis and L. braziliensis. All compounds presented significant activity, being isolapachol acetate the most active against promastigotes, with IC50/24h = 1.6 +/- 0.0 microg/ml and 3.4 +/- 0.5… CONTINUE READING