Antiinflammatory activity of Sambucus ebulus hexane extracts.


Hexane extracts of aerial parts (flowered browes), leaves and roots of Sambucus ebulus were investigated for their antiinflammatory activity in rats. Aerial parts and roots extracts produced statistically significant and dose dependent inhibition of edema induced by carrageenan at all doses when compared to the control groups. On the contrary, hexane… (More)


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@article{Ebrahimzadeh2006AntiinflammatoryAO, title={Antiinflammatory activity of Sambucus ebulus hexane extracts.}, author={Mohammad Ali Ebrahimzadeh and Mohammad Jafar Mahmoudi and E. Salimi}, journal={Fitoterapia}, year={2006}, volume={77 2}, pages={146-8} }