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Antiinflammatory activity and other pharmacological properties of 11 beta, 21-dihydroxy-2'-methyl-5' beta H-pregna-1,4 dieno[17,16-d] oxazole 3,20-dione-21-acetate (Deflazacort).

  title={Antiinflammatory activity and other pharmacological properties of 11 beta, 21-dihydroxy-2'-methyl-5' beta H-pregna-1,4 dieno[17,16-d] oxazole 3,20-dione-21-acetate (Deflazacort).},
  author={P. Schiatti and D. Selva and D. Barone and A. Restelli and A. Gl{\"a}sser},
  volume={30 9},
The pharmacology of 11 alpha, 21-dihydroxy-2'-methyl-5' beta H-pregna-1,4-dieno[17,16-d]oxazole-3,20-dione-21-acetate (deflazacort) was studied by oral and parenteral administration in acute, short- and long-term experiments in rats. Deflazacort has antiinflammatory activity in various laboratory models, such as carrageenin and nystatin oedema, cotton pellet granuloma, adjuvant arthritis and on liver glycogen storage. The antiinflammatory potency of deflazacort is greater than that of… Expand
Comparative study of deflazacort, a new synthetic corticosteroid, and dexamethasone on the synthesis of collagen in different rat bone cell populations and rabbit articular chondrocytes
This study has compared the effects of deflazacort with those of dexamethasone on the synthesis of collagen in various rat bone cell populations and chondrocytes and revealed that both glucocorticoids, although at different concentrations, inhibited collagen synthesis. Expand
Spectral analysis and structural identification of a major deflazacort metabolite in man.
  • E. Huber, R. Barbuch
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Xenobiotica; the fate of foreign compounds in biological systems
  • 1995
1. The structure of a previously reported but uncharacterized major metabolite of deflazacort in man, designated V, has been characterized by nmr, MS and IR spectral techniques. 2. The major changesExpand
Effects of prednisolone and deflazacort on osteocalcin metabolism in sheep
It is concluded that plasma OC levels and OC PPR in sheep were more sensitive to the effects of deflazacort than to prednisolone, indicating that predisonsolone had similarly potent effects on both bone and glucose metabolism while deflAZacort exhibited differential potency on the two systems. Expand
Effect of the synthetic glucocorticoid, deflazacort, on body growth, pulsatile secretion of GH and thymolysis in the rat.
While CORT suppresses GH secretion and alters its pulsatile mode of release, DFZ causes a less significant alteration in the pattern ofGH secretion and does not negatively affect the overall amount of GH secreted. Expand
Pharmacokinetics of deflazacort in rabbits after intravenous and oral administration and its interaction with erythromycin
The results indicated the influence of the erythromycin on deflazacort disposition, which is consistent with a pharmacokinetic-type interaction in the elimination of the drug from the body, should be considered to avoid adverse effects when using both drugs concomitantly. Expand
Serum osteocalcin (bone Gla-protein) following corticosteroid therapy in postmenopausal women with rheumatoid arthritis. Comparison of the effect of prednisone and deflazacort
Prednisone therapy at doses higher than 10 mg/day resulted in a severe suppression of OC values in most cases, and the effect of deflazacort was, however, mild in the majority of patients treated with doses of up to 30 mg/ day. Expand
Effects of deflazacort and cortisone on cellular proliferation in the rat thymus.
Although regression analysis of thymus weight pointed to bioequivalence of the glucocorticoid dosages used, BrdUrd-labeling raised the possibility that the cells still present in the thymu of DFZ-treated animals retained, at least partially, their normal capacities for proliferation. Expand
Deflazacort: A glucocorticoid with few metabolic adverse effects but important immunosuppressive activity
C cumulative clinical and laboratory evidence suggests that DFZ has, in fact, greater immunosuppressive activity than was previously thought, and it is possible thatDFZ increases the risk of acquiring opportunistic infection compared with other synthetic glucocorticoids. Expand
Deflazacort alleviate pro-inflammatory cytokines expression, oxidative stress and histopathological alterations in collagen induced arthritis in Wistar rats
This suggests that DFZ significantly down-regulates the expression of pro-in-flammatory molecules such as TNF-a and COX-2 and alleviates the oxidative stress which make it a viable therapeutic option for treatment of arthritis. Expand
Deflazacort induced stronger immunosuppression than expected
It seems that DFZ at the equivalent licensed dose produced a stronger immunosuppressive effect—systemic and in brain tissue—than PDN, but induced less neuronal damage. Expand