Antiinflammatory Effects and Chemical Constituents of Veronicastrum axillare

  title={Antiinflammatory Effects and Chemical Constituents of Veronicastrum axillare},
  author={Cheng-jian Zheng and Xue-Hong Deng and Yu Wu and Y. Jiang and Jian-Yong Zhu and L. Qin},
  journal={Phytotherapy Research},
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Our study aims to ascertain the antiinflammatory activity of Veronicastrum axillare and characterize the bioactive constituents. Antiinflammatory activity of the total extract and different fractions from V. axillare was investigated by employing the xylene‐induced mouse ear edema model. As a result, the ethyl acetate (EtOAc) fraction showed the highest antiinflammatory activity in vivo. From the EtOAc fraction and the inactive dichloromethane fraction, a total of five new compounds… Expand


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