Antihyperglycemic and antidyslipidemic agent from Aegle marmelos.

  title={Antihyperglycemic and antidyslipidemic agent from Aegle marmelos.},
  author={Tadigoppula Narender and Sinha Shweta and P. Tiwari and K Papi Reddy and Tanvir Khaliq and Philip Prathipati and Anju Puri and Arvind K. Srivastava and Ramesh Chander and Satish C. Agarwal and K C Dharma Raj},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={17 6},
The plant Aegle marmelos belongs to the family of Rutaceae. From the leaves of A. marmelos an alkaloidal-amide, Aegeline 2, was isolated and found to have antihyperglycemic activity as evidenced by lowering the blood glucose levels by 12.9% and 16.9% at 5 and 24h, respectively, in sucrose challenged streptozotocin induced diabetic rats (STZ-S) model at the dose of 100mg/kg body weight. Aegeline 2 has also significantly decreased the plasma triglyceride (Tg) levels by 55% (P<0.001), total… CONTINUE READING


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