Antihyperglycemic acetylenic glucosides from Bidens pilosa.

  title={Antihyperglycemic acetylenic glucosides from Bidens pilosa.},
  author={R P Ubillas and Carlos Delgado M{\'e}ndez and Shivanand D Jolad and Jian Luo and Stephen R. King and Thomas J S Carlson and Diana Fort},
  journal={Planta medica},
  volume={66 1},
In vivo bioassay-guided fractionation of the aqueous alcohol extract of the aerial parts of Bidens pilosa Sch. Bip. var. radiata (Asteraceae) using C57 BL/Ks-db/db mice as a model for type 2 diabetes, yielded two known polyacetylenic glucosides, identified as 2-beta-D-glucopyranosyloxy-1-hydroxy-5(E)-tridecene-7,9,11-+ ++triyne (1) and 3-beta-D-glucopyranosyloxy-1-hydroxy-6(E)-tetradecene-8,10,1 2-triyne (2). A 3:2 mixture of compounds 1 and 2 effected a significant drop in blood glucose.