Antigenotoxic Effect of Trametes spp. Extracts against DNA Damage on Human Peripheral White Blood Cells

  title={Antigenotoxic Effect of Trametes spp. Extracts against DNA Damage on Human Peripheral White Blood Cells},
  author={Aleksandar Z Knezevic and Lada Živkovi{\'c} and Mirjana M Staji{\'c} and Jelena B Vukojevi{\'c} and Ivan Milovanovi{\'c} and Biljana Spremo-Potparevi{\'c}},
Trametes species have been used for thousands of years in traditional and conventional medicine for the treatment of various types of diseases. The goal was to evaluate possible antigenotoxic effects of mycelium and basidiocarp extracts of selected Trametes species and to assess dependence on their antioxidant potential. Trametes versicolor, T. hirsuta, and T. gibbosa were the species studied. Antigenotoxic potentials of extracts were assessed on human peripheral white blood cells with… CONTINUE READING


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