Antigenicity of adult Schistosoma mansoni alkaline phosphatase.

  title={Antigenicity of adult Schistosoma mansoni alkaline phosphatase.},
  author={Flor H Pujol and Italo Mario Cesari},
  journal={Parasite immunology},
  volume={12 2},
Antibodies to the alkaline phosphatase (AP) of Schistosoma mansoni in infected human and mice sera were evaluated by a direct solid-phase AP immunoadsorption assay (APIA) and by Western blot and immunostaining. APIA consisted of (a) solid-phase capture of immunoglobulins from infected human or mice, (b) immunoadsorption of the enzyme antigen by the antibodies, and (c) detection of the enzymatic activity. By this procedure the appearance of the anti-AP response in mice was detected around 50… CONTINUE READING

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