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Antigenic relationship and functional properties of Yersinia porins.

  title={Antigenic relationship and functional properties of Yersinia porins.},
  author={P. Vostrikova and G. Likhatskaya and D. Novikova and T. Solovyeva},
  journal={Membrane \& cell biology},
  volume={14 4},
We have studied the molecular structure and functional properties of major pore-forming proteins isolated as peptidoglycan (PG)-protein complexes from four Yersinia species (Y. intermedia, Y. enterocolitica, Y. kristensenii and Y. frederiksenii) cultured as various temperatures. Despite the close antigenic relationship, Yersinia porins revealed different functional properties. When reconstituted in model membranes, the PG-protein complexes induced conductance which was different for the "cold… Expand
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