Antigenic differences between stocks of Cowdria ruminantium.

  title={Antigenic differences between stocks of Cowdria ruminantium.},
  author={Frans Jongejan and Gerrit Uilenberg and Frits F J Franssen and Arona Gueye and J. H. M. Nieuwenhuijs},
  journal={Research in veterinary science},
  volume={44 2},
Stocks of Cowdria ruminantium from Senegal, Zambia and South Africa were compared in cross immunity tests in goats. The Senegal stock caused fatal heartwater in three of 10 goats immune to the South African reference stock Ball 3, and five others showed significant febrile reactions and recovered spontaneously. Four goats immune to the Senegal stock did not show any reaction on challenge with Ball 3. The stock from Zambia was fully cross-protective with Ball 3 in experiments with three goats… CONTINUE READING

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