Antigen Presentation Profiling Reveals Recognition of Lymphoma Immunoglobulin Neoantigens

  title={Antigen Presentation Profiling Reveals Recognition of Lymphoma Immunoglobulin Neoantigens},
  author={M. S. Khodadoust and Niclas Olsson and L. E. Wagar and O.A.W. Haabeth and Bob Chen and Kavya Swaminathan and Kamala Rawson and C. L. Liu and David Steiner and Peter Lund and Sridhar Rao and Lichao Zhang and Caleb D. Marceau and Henning Stehr and A. M. Newman and Debra Katherine Czerwinski and V. E. H. Carlton and Martin Moorhead and Malek Faham and H E Kohrt and J. Carette and M. R. Green and M. M. Davis and Ronald Levy and Joshua E. Elias and A. A. Alizadeh},
Cancer somatic mutations can generate neoantigens that distinguish malignant from normal cells. However, the personalized identification and validation of neoantigens remains a major challenge. Here we discover neoantigens in human mantle-cell lymphomas by using an integrated genomic and proteomic strategy that interrogates tumour antigen peptides presented by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I and class II molecules. We applied this approach to systematically characterize MHC… CONTINUE READING


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