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Antifungal drug susceptibilities of commensal Candida isolates.

  title={Antifungal drug susceptibilities of commensal Candida isolates.},
  author={Ann R. Holmes and Masakazu Niimi and Jack M A Girgis and Dorothy H Boyd and Richard David Cannon},
  journal={The New Zealand dental journal},
  volume={98 432},
Two hundred and forty-two oral commensal yeast isolates were obtained from a convenience sample of 134 healthy 7- and 8-year-old children (65 males and 69 females). The isolates were initially tested for their susceptibilities to the antifungal azole drug fluconazole, using an agar diffusion method (Etest), which was suitable for screening large numbers of yeast isolates, and confirmed as equivalent to the broth microdilution reference method. Eighteen isolates from 7 children were found to… CONTINUE READING