Antifungal copyrine alkaloids: crystal structure of 3-methylsampangine

  title={Antifungal copyrine alkaloids: crystal structure of 3-methylsampangine},
  author={J. Peterson and J. Zjawiony and A. Clark and C. D. Hufford and R. Rogers},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Crystallography},
Abstract3-Methylsampangine, C16H10N2O, crystallizes in the monoclinic space group P21/c witha=7.260(3),b=10.697(5),c=15.342(6) Å, and β=102.69(4). All nonhydrogen atoms of this potent antifungal agent are planar to within 0.082 Å. The title compound exhibits potentin vitro antifungal activity againstC. neoformans, C. albicans andA. fumigatus. 
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