Antifungal Susceptibility testing : New trends

  title={Antifungal Susceptibility testing : New trends},
  author={Amina Mostafa Abdel Aal and Mohamed Mostafa Taha and Noha Badr El-Deen El-Mashad and Walaa El-Shabrawy},
Development of standardized antifungal susceptibility testing methods has been the focus of intensive research in the last 15 years. Antifungal sensitivity tests were done for selected (46) fungal isolates, (23 dermatophytes and 23 Candida ) by E-test and broth microdilution method. Etest gave better sensitivity results on Candida species than dermatophytes for all drugs expect itraconazole. We compared E-test versus broth microdilution method for testing dermatophytes. The sensitive cases… CONTINUE READING