Antifungal Activity of 2-Hydroxy 4,4'6'Trimethoxy Chalcone

  title={Antifungal Activity of 2-Hydroxy 4,4'6'Trimethoxy Chalcone},
  author={Pradeep Kumar Mishra and Birinchi K Sarma and P. K. Singhai and Udai P Singh},
Antifungal activity of 2-hydroxy 4,4'6'trimethoxy chalcone individually was tested against spore germination of ten fungi of different genera. Efficacy of the chemical was also tested against conidial germination and other growth parameters of Erysiphe pisi on excised pea leaves. 2-Hydroxy 4,4'6'trimethoxy chalcone inhibited spore germination at all the… CONTINUE READING