Antifertility effects of an LH-RH analogue in male rats and dogs.

  title={Antifertility effects of an LH-RH analogue in male rats and dogs.},
  author={Juergen Sandow and W von Rechenberg and C. Baeder and K Engelbart},
  journal={International journal of fertility},
  volume={25 3},
The antifertility effects of a highly active LH-RH analogue, D-Ser(Bu)6-LH-RH(1-9)nonapeptide-ethylamide (buserelin) were studied in male rats and dogs. Pituitary-testicular function was not impaired by a "physiological" dose of 5 ng/rat; this dose gave reproducible LH release during chronic administration. At higher dose testicular LH receptors and responsiveness to HCG were diminished in intact prepubertal and adult rats. Pituitary inhibition was independent of gonadal or adrenal steroid… CONTINUE READING