Antidyslipidemic activity of furano-flavonoids isolated from Indigofera tinctoria.

  title={Antidyslipidemic activity of furano-flavonoids isolated from Indigofera tinctoria.},
  author={Tadigoppula Narender and Tanvir Khaliq and Anju Puri and Ramesh Chander},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={16 13},
Flavonoids appear to play a major role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases by decreasing the blood lipid levels. In continuation of our drug discovery program on antidyslipidemic agents we have isolated three furano-flavones 1-3 and a rare flavonol glycoside 4 from the aerial parts of Indigofera tinctoria. Our results disclose that the treatment with diastereomeric flavonoid mixture 1 and 2 (80:20) significantly decreased the plasma triglycerides (TG) by 60%, total cholesterol (TC… CONTINUE READING


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