Antidotes against venomous animals: state of the art and prospectives.

  title={Antidotes against venomous animals: state of the art and prospectives.},
  author={Gerardo Pavel Espino-Sol{\'i}s and Lidia Ria{\~n}o-Umbarila and Baltazar Becerril and Lourival Domingos Possani},
  journal={Journal of proteomics},
  volume={72 2},
This communication revises the state of the art concerning antivenoms against snakes, spiders and scorpions. An overview of the historical facts that preceded the therapeutic use of antibodies is mentioned. A brief list of the major protein components of these venomous animals is revised with a short discussion of what is known on the proteomic analysis of their venoms, but the emphasis is placed on the type of antivenoms available commercially, including pertinent literature and addresses of… CONTINUE READING

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