Antidiabetic Activity and Mechanisms of Acarbose in $KKA^{y}$ Mice

  title={Antidiabetic Activity and Mechanisms of Acarbose in \$KKA^\{y\}\$ Mice},
  author={Young-lim Kim and Sung-hyun Chung},
To elucidate antidiabetic effect and mechanism(s) of acarbose in a polygenic spontaneous hyperglycemic and hyperinsulinemic diabetic animal model, mice, acarbose was administered orally for 4 weeks and effects on body weight, plasma glucose and insulin levels, genetic expressions of intestinal sucrase-isomaltase (SI), sodium-glucose cotransporter (sGLT1) and glucose transporter in quadriceps muscle (GLUT4) were examined in this study. Although no differences in body weight were detected between… CONTINUE READING