Antidepressant Activity of Aspartic Acid Derivatives

  title={Antidepressant Activity of Aspartic Acid Derivatives},
  author={V. I. Petrov and Vasiliy S. Sergeev and Natalia Onishchenko and Levon B. Piotrovskii},
  journal={Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine},
Antidepressant activity of N-phenyl(benzyl)amino derivatives of aspartic acid was studied on various experimental models of depression. IEM-1770 (30 mg/kg) and IEM-1944 (20 mg/kg) exhibited antidepressant activity after single injection in the forced swimming and tail suspension tests. Antidepressant effect of 14-day administration of these compounds and reference drugs maprotiline (10 mg/kg) and citalopram (10 mg/kg) was confirmed on the model of learned helplessness. 
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