Anticonvulsant and Neurotoxicity Evaluation of Some Novel Kojic Acids and Allomaltol Derivatives

  title={Anticonvulsant and Neurotoxicity Evaluation of Some Novel Kojic Acids and Allomaltol Derivatives},
  author={Mutlu Dilsiz Aytemir and {\"U}. Çalış},
  journal={Archiv der Pharmazie},
  • Mutlu Dilsiz Aytemir, Ü. Çalış
  • Published 2010
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Archiv der Pharmazie
  • A series of new 3‐hydroxy‐6‐hydroxymethyl/methyl‐2‐substituted 4H‐pyran‐4‐ones were synthesized and prepared by the reaction of kojic acid or allomaltol with piperidine derivatives and formaline as potential anticonvulsant compounds. The structure of the synthesized compounds was confirmed using the elemental analysis results and the spectroscopic techniques such as IR, 1H‐NMR, and ESI‐MS. Anticonvulsant activities were examined by maximal electroshock (MES) and subcutaneous Metrazol (scMet… CONTINUE READING
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