Anticancer activity of aconitine-containing herbal extract BC1.

  title={Anticancer activity of aconitine-containing herbal extract BC1.},
  author={Galina I Solyanik and Alexander G Fedorchuk and Olga N Pyaskovskaya and Olga I Dasyukevitch and Natalya N Khranovskaya and Gennadiy N Aksenov and Vladimir V Sobetsky},
  journal={Experimental oncology},
  volume={26 4},
AIM The objective of the study was the investigation of anticancer activity of aconitine-containing herbal extract BC1 against two tumor strains with different metastatic potency: strongly metastatic Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) and its weakly metastatic counterpart (LLC-R9). RESULTS It was shown that low proliferative activity and high metastatic potential of LLC correlated with high refractoriness of this tumor to BC1 action, while significant inhibition of tumor growth and metastasis by BC1… CONTINUE READING
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