Antibody response to Candida albicans cell wall antigens.

  title={Antibody response to Candida albicans cell wall antigens.},
  author={Jos{\'e} Luis L{\'o}pez-Ribot and Manuel Casanova and Amelia Murgui and Jos{\'e} Pedro Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={FEMS immunology and medical microbiology},
  volume={41 3},
The cell wall of Candida albicans is not only the structure where many essential biological functions reside but is also a significant source of candidal antigens. The major cell wall components that elicit a response from the host immune system are proteins and glycoproteins, the latter being predominantly mannoproteins. Both carbohydrate and protein moieties are able to trigger immune responses. Proteins and glycoproteins exposed at the most external layers of the wall structure are involved… CONTINUE READING
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