Antibody-mediated protective immunity in fungal infections.

  title={Antibody-mediated protective immunity in fungal infections.},
  author={Walter Magliani and Stefania Conti and Simona Arseni and Antonella Salati and Lara Ravanetti and Domenico Leonardo Maffei and Laura Giovati and Luciano Polonelli},
  journal={The new microbiologica},
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The host response to fungal infection is the result of a complex interaction between the pathogen and the host's innate and adaptive immune system. Cell-mediated immunity is widely considered to be critical for the successful outcome of fungal infections. However, in recent years numerous studies have established that certain antibodies may play an important role in host immunoprotection against pathogenic fungi, through interaction with different cellular targets, such as mannans, heat shock… CONTINUE READING