Antibodies to enzootic bovine viral leukosis in Botswana

  title={Antibodies to enzootic bovine viral leukosis in Botswana},
  author={Elizabeth Mushi and Guy Wibberley and D. C. Kupe},
  journal={Tropical Animal Health and Production},
Enzoofic bovine viral leukosis (BVL) is a malignant neoplasia of the lymphoid tissues of cattle which is caused by a retrovirus of the oncornavitidae group. BVL is common in dairy cows in Europe, North and South America ~ lood, Radostits and Henderson, 1985) but there is only limited serological evidence from Africa (Adu and Olson, 1981). Cattle sera from Botswana were tested for antibodies to BVL by agar gel immunodiffusion to provide this serological evidence. Sera were collected from healthy… CONTINUE READING