Antibodies to Sarcocystis in Malaysians.


Sera from 243 donors belonging to the four main ethnic groups in West Malaysia (Orang Asli, Malays, Chinese and Indians) were tested, using the indirect fluorescent antibody technique for the prevalence of antibodies to Sarcocystis. Almost 20% reacted positively at dilutions of 1:64 or higher and eight among the Orang Asli and Malays gave the highest titres of 1:256. Prevalence was highest in the Orang Asli and lowest in Chinese. 22 sera also reacted positively to Toxoplasma, whether due to polyparasitism or cross-reaction is, as yet, unknown.


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@article{Thomas1978AntibodiesTS, title={Antibodies to Sarcocystis in Malaysians.}, author={V Thomas and A S Dissanaike}, journal={Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene}, year={1978}, volume={72 3}, pages={303-6} }