Antibodies against metal chelates

  title={Antibodies against metal chelates},
  author={Dayton T. Reardan and Claude F. Meares and David A. Goodwin and Maureen McTigue and Gary S. David and Mary R. Stone and Julia P. Leung and Richard M. Bartholomew and James M. Frincke},
Because monoclonal antibodies can recognize and bind to specific groups of atoms such as tumour antigens, they have promise for use in vivo as carriers of radionuclides, drugs or other appended molecules for diagnosis and treatment of disease1–3. Attachment of metal ions to antibodies by means of bifunctional chelating agents can add the diverse nuclear, physical and chemical properties of the metallic elements to these specific binding proteins (ref. 4 and refs therein). With the ultimate aim… CONTINUE READING

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