Antibodies against beta-amyloid slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.

  title={Antibodies against beta-amyloid slow cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.},
  author={Christoph Hock and Uwe Konietzko and Johannes Rolf Streffer and J Dustin Tracy and Andri Signorell and Britta M{\"u}ller-Tillmanns and Ulrike Lemke and Katharina Henke and Eva Moritz and Esmeralda Garcia and M. Axel Wollmer and Daniel Umbricht and Dominique J-F de Quervain and Marc Hofmann and Alessia Maddalena and Andreas Papassotiropoulos and Roger M. Nitsch},
  volume={38 4},
To test whether antibodies against beta-amyloid are effective in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease, we assessed cognitive functions in 30 patients who received a prime and a booster immunization of aggregated Abeta(42) over a 1 year period in a placebo-controlled, randomized trial. Twenty patients generated antibodies against beta-amyloid, as determined by tissue amyloid plaque immunoreactivity assay. Patients who generated such antibodies showed significantly slower rates of decline… CONTINUE READING
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