Antibodies against RNA hydrolyze RNA and DNA.

  title={Antibodies against RNA hydrolyze RNA and DNA.},
  author={Michael A Krasnorutskii and Valentina N Buneva and Georgy A Nevinsky},
  journal={Journal of molecular recognition : JMR},
  volume={21 5},
Immunization of animals with DNA leads to the production of anti-DNA antibodies (Abs) demonstrating both DNase and RNase activities. It is currently not known whether anti-RNA Abs can possess nuclease activities. In an attempt to address this question, we have shown that immunization of three rabbits with complex of RNA with methylated BSA (mBSA) stimulates production of IgGs with RNase and DNase activities belonging to IgGs, while polyclonal Abs from three non-immunized rabbits and three… CONTINUE READING
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