Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam: moving towards a One Health surveillance system

  title={Antibiotic resistance in Vietnam: moving towards a One Health surveillance system},
  author={Marion Bordier and Aur{\'e}lie Binot and Quentin Pauchard and Dien Thi Nguyen and Thanh Ngo Trung and Nicolas Fortan{\'e} and Flavie L. Goutard},
  journal={BMC Public Health},
BackgroundThe international community strongly advocates the implementation of multi-sectoral surveillance policies for an effective approach to antibiotic resistance, in line with the One Health concept. To comply with these international recommendations, the Vietnamese government has issued an inter-ministerial surveillance strategy for antibiotic resistance, including an integrated surveillance system. However, one may question the ability and willingness of surveillance stakeholders to… 
Engaging Stakeholders in the Design of One Health Surveillance Systems: A Participatory Approach
A socio-technical framework is designed to help stakeholders develop a common vision of their desired surveillance system and to forge the innovation pathway toward it and allowed surveillance stakeholders with different professional cultures and expectations regarding One Health surveillance to gain mutual understanding.
One Health Surveillance: A Matrix to Evaluate Multisectoral Collaboration
A matrix to evaluate the quality and appropriateness of multisectoral collaboration through an in-depth analysis of its organization, implementation, and functions is defined and is the preliminary step toward the creation of a fully standalone tool for the evaluation of collaboration.
Evaluating Integrated Surveillance for Antimicrobial Use and Resistance in England: A Qualitative Study
The findings showed that there were links between integrated surveillance information, decision making and interventions, and the main areas identified were the development of more harmonised methods for data collection and analysis, provision of resources dedicated to cross-sectoral collaboration, and collection of surveillance data from the environment and from companion animals.
The challenges of investigating antimicrobial resistance in Vietnam - what benefits does a One Health approach offer the animal and human health sectors?
There is potential to strengthen multi-sectorial collaboration between the animal and human health sectors by building upon existing informal networks, and the themes relating to diagnostic capacity show that both sectors are facing challenges to undertake investigations in AMR.
Socio-Demographic Factors Associated with Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance Knowledge and Practices in Vietnam: A Cross-Sectional Survey
The findings indicate that socio-demographic differences in knowledge and practices exist, and focusing on these issues should be the priority in forthcoming interventions.
Characterizing Social-ecological Context and Success Factors of Antimicrobial Resistance Interventions Across the One Health Spectrum: Analysis of 42 Interventions Targeting E. Coli
Background. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is among the most pressing One Health issues. While interventions and policies with various targets and goals have been implemented, evidence about
Characterizing social-ecological context and success factors of antimicrobial resistance interventions across the One Health spectrum: analysis of 42 interventions targeting E. coli
Characteristics of AMR interventions that increase their capacity to impact AMR are identified and design and reporting guidelines would help to improve reporting quality and provide a valuable tool for improving the science ofAMR interventions.
Towards integrated surveillance-response systems for the prevention of future pandemics
The earlier a zoonotic pathogen can be detected in the environment, in wildlife or in domestic animals; and the better human, animal and environmental surveillance communicate with each other to prevent an outbreak, the lower are the cumulative costs.
Antimicrobial Resistance Pilot Surveillance of Pigs and Chickens in Vietnam, 2017–2019
It is important to establish an annual AMR surveillance program for livestock in Vietnam to assess the impact of interventions, observe trends and drive decision making that ultimately contributes to reducing AMR public health threat.


The challenges of implementing an integrated One Health surveillance system in Australia
It is demonstrated that for a One Health approach to be implemented in an Australian setting, those working in the fields of human, animal and ecological health must agree on several aspects.
Antibiotic Resistance in the Food Chain: A Developing Country-Perspective
Antibiotics are now “endangered species” facing extinction due to the worldwide emergence of antibiotic resistance (ABR). Food animals are considered as key reservoirs of antibiotic-resistant
Towards an integrated approach in surveillance of vector-borne diseases in Europe
In the current paper, important parameters and terms of both public health and medical entomology are defined in order to establish a common language that facilitates collaboration between the two disciplines.
Vector Borne Infections in Italy: Results of the Integrated Surveillance System for West Nile Disease in 2013
The integrated surveillance system for WND in Italy is described, which incorporates data from veterinary and human side in order to evaluate the burden of infection in animals and humans and provide the public health authorities at regional and national levels with the information needed for a fine tune response.
Who's worried about turkeys? How 'organisational silos' impede zoonotic disease surveillance.
It is argued that newly emergent zoonoses make these agencies' organisational cultures function as silos because the institutionalised thinking and practices developed to address the diseases that traditionally concerned each agency constrain members from building the inter-organisational bridges required to manage the latest 'hybrid' diseases.
Epidemiological surveillance of West Nile neuroinvasive diseases in Italy, 2008 to 2011.
  • C. Rizzo, P. Salcuni, S. Declich
  • Medicine
    Euro surveillance : bulletin Europeen sur les maladies transmissibles = European communicable disease bulletin
  • 2012
Integrated human, entomological and animal surveillance for West Nile virus is a public health priority in Italy and will be maintained during 2012.