Antibiotic-impregnated plaster of Paris beads. Trials with teicoplanin.

  title={Antibiotic-impregnated plaster of Paris beads. Trials with teicoplanin.},
  author={V. Dacquet and A Varlet and Reha Nevzat Tandoğan and M M Tahon and Louis Fournier and François Jehl and Henri Monteil and Gerard Bascoulergue},
  journal={Clinical orthopaedics and related research},
Teicoplanin-impregnated plaster of Paris beads were made and in vitro release properties were studied. Teicoplanin was released in an initial massive dose, with a rapid decline during the first three days, followed by a slowly declining prolonged release up to 30 days. The release tested by diffusion in gelose and high-performance liquid chromatography was found to be 21.4% and 28.2%, respectively, of the amount theoretically present in the beads. Plaster of Paris is a resorbable, nontoxic… CONTINUE READING

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