Antibacterial effect of silver-platinum coating for orthodontic appliances.

  title={Antibacterial effect of silver-platinum coating for orthodontic appliances.},
  author={Hwang-Sog Ryu and In-ho Bae and Kyung-Gu Lee and H S Hwang and Ki-Heon Lee and Jeong-Tae Koh and Jin-Hyoung Cho},
  journal={The Angle orthodontist},
  volume={82 1},
OBJECTIVE To develop a hard coating for stainless surfaces based on silver (Ag)-platinum (Pt) alloys. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ag-Pt alloys, which have high degree of biocompatibility, excellent resistance to sterilization conditions, and antibacterial properties to different bacteria, are associated with long-term antibacterial efficiency. Approximately 1.03-µm to 2.34-µm-thick coatings, as determined by scanning electron microscopy, were deposited on stainless surfaces by the simultaneous… CONTINUE READING
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