Antibacterial diterpenes and their fatty acid conjugates from rice leaves.

  title={Antibacterial diterpenes and their fatty acid conjugates from rice leaves.},
  author={Yoshiki Kono and Aya Kojima and Rieko Nagai and Manabu Watanabe and Takahiro Kawashima and Tsugu Onizawa and Tohru Teraoka and Minoru Watanab and Hiroyuki Koshino and Jun Uzawa and Yoshikatsu Suzuki and Akira Sakurai},
  volume={65 9},
Six structurally oryzalide-related compounds, oryzadione (1), 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, were isolated from a neutral fraction of the extract of healthy leaves using a bacterial leaf blight-resistant cultivar of a rice plant, "Norin-27", as a group of antimicrobial substances. Their structures were determined by spectroscopic studies to be kaurane analogues and kaurane analogues conjugated with fatty acids, i.e., 1: ent-15,16-epoxy-kauran-2,3-dione (enol form: ent-15,16-epoxy-2-hydroxy-kauran-1-en-3-one… CONTINUE READING