Antibacterial and modulatory effect of Stryphnodendron rotundifolium.

  title={Antibacterial and modulatory effect of Stryphnodendron rotundifolium.},
  author={Dayanne Rakelly de Oliveira and Francisco E Brito and Eliz{\^a}ngela Beneval Bento and Edinardo F. F. Matias and Ana Carla A. Sousa and J. M. Da Costa and Henrique Douglas Melo Coutinho and Marta Regina Kerntopf and Irwin Rose de Alencar Menezes},
  journal={Pharmaceutical biology},
  volume={49 12},
CONTEXT Stryphnodendron rotundifolium Mart. (Leguminosae), a tree in Northeast Brazil (Chapada do Araripe), is used in popular medicine to treat different processes such as inflammation and infectious diseases, mainly caused by bacterial pathogens. OBJECTIVE This study determined the modulatory and antimicrobial activity of the hydroethanol extract of… CONTINUE READING