Antibacterial and antioxidant cassane diterpenoids from Caesalpinia benthamiana.

  title={Antibacterial and antioxidant cassane diterpenoids from Caesalpinia benthamiana.},
  author={Rita Akosua Dickson and Peter John Houghton and Peter J. Hylands},
  volume={68 10},
Bioactivity-guided fractionation of the light petroleum extract of Caesalpinia benthamiana (=Mezoneuron benthamianum) root bark has led to the isolation of two cassane diterpenoids, designated as benthaminin 1 and 2. A third compound, a deoxy form of caesaldekarin C (also referred to as methyl vouacapenate) which has previously been isolated from Caesalpinia major, C. bonducella, Vouacapoua americana and V. macropetala, was also isolated, together with beta-sitosterol and stigmastenone. The… CONTINUE READING
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