Antibacterial activity in bovine lactoferrin-derived peptides.

  title={Antibacterial activity in bovine lactoferrin-derived peptides.},
  author={K S Hoek and J M Milne and Paul A Grieve and D A Dionysius and Ross Smith},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
  volume={41 1},
Several peptides sharing high sequence homology with lactoferricin B (Lf-cin B) were generated from bovine lactoferrin (Lf) with recombinant chymosin. Two peptides were copurified, one identical to Lf-cin B and another differing from Lf-cin B by the inclusion of a C-terminal alanine (lactoferricin). Two other peptides were copurified from chymosin-hydrolyzed Lf, one differing from Lf-cin B by the inclusion of C-terminal alanyl-leucine and the other being a heterodimer linked by a disulfide bond… CONTINUE READING