Antiarrhythmic drugs and reperfusion


Darucainide (B) is a new, orally available class IBagent and was shown to be highly effective in experimental arrhythmias. We initially studied 12 pts (group A: 40-68 years, 6 men) with very frequent, repetitive and refractory (< 2 agents) ventricular premature beats (5600 VPB/h, median: 18.552 VPDs/24h) by iv B 80 mg/h for 1-7 hours. When VPB were reduced… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00055756


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@article{Zehender2004AntiarrhythmicDA, title={Antiarrhythmic drugs and reperfusion}, author={Manfred Zehender}, journal={Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy}, year={2004}, volume={5}, pages={401-403} }