Antianxiety treatment in patients with excessive hypertension.

  title={Antianxiety treatment in patients with excessive hypertension.},
  author={Ehud Grossman and Moshe Nadler and Yehonatan Sharabi and M Micheal Thaler and Amir Shachar and Arie Shamiss},
  journal={American journal of hypertension},
  volume={18 9 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVE There are no guidelines on how to treat patients with excessive hypertension. Anxiety is a common cause of excessive hypertension and therefore antianxiety treatment may be beneficial in these patients. We therefore compared the efficacy and safety of antianxiety treatment with sublingual captopril administration in patients with excessive hypertension and no evidence of acute target organ damage. METHODS Thirty-six patients (28 women and 8 men), mean age 60 +/- 2 years (range 36 to… CONTINUE READING