AntiHunter: searching BLAST output for EST antisense transcripts


AntiHunter is a new web-based tool for the identification of expressed sequence tag (EST) antisense transcripts from BLAST output. In order to perform an analysis, user is required to input a genomic sequence plus an associated list of transcript names and coordinates of the genomic region (i.e. genome annotation). After masking the repeated regions (if any… (More)
DOI: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btg460


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@article{Lavorgna2004AntiHunterSB, title={AntiHunter: searching BLAST output for EST antisense transcripts}, author={Giovanni Lavorgna and Luca Sessa and Alessandro Guffanti and Lelio Lassandro and Giorgio Casari}, journal={Bioinformatics}, year={2004}, volume={20 4}, pages={583-5} }