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Anti-virus effect of traditional Chinese medicine Yi-Fu-Qing granule on acute respiratory tract infections.

  title={Anti-virus effect of traditional Chinese medicine Yi-Fu-Qing granule on acute respiratory tract infections.},
  author={An-yuan Li and Yanying Xie and Fang-hua Qi and Jie Li and Peng Wang and Shulan Xu and Lin Zhao},
  journal={Bioscience trends},
  volume={3 4},
Yi-Fu-Qing granule is a traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of acute respiratory tract infections. The present study sought to investigate the anti-virus effects of Yi-Fu-Qing granule on acute respiratory infections with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and human adenoviruses type 3 (Ad3). The cytotoxicity of Yi-Fu-Qing granule was evaluated by the neutral red assay on HeLa cells. The antiviral effect of Yi-Fu-Qing granule was tested by observing the cytopathogenic effect (CPE) with… 

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