[Anti-tumor effect of human recombinant TNF].


In this article, the clinical effects of rH-TNF on various cancer patients and the mechanism of self-induction of defense against rH-TNF cytotoxicity in tumor cells and the counter measures against this are reviewed. 1) Clinical effects of rH-TNF Intratumoral administration of rH-TNF was performed in 7 patients and clinical efficacy (PR + MR) was observed… (More)


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@article{Watanabe1988AntitumorEO, title={[Anti-tumor effect of human recombinant TNF].}, author={Naoto Watanabe and Yoshiro Niitsu and Hiroshi Neda and N. Yamauchi and M Maeda and Hiroshi Kuriyama and Hirohito Sone}, journal={Gan to kagaku ryoho. Cancer & chemotherapy}, year={1988}, volume={15 4 Pt 2-1}, pages={780-7} }