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Anti-tumor Activities of Triterpenes from Syzygium kusukusense

  title={Anti-tumor Activities of Triterpenes from Syzygium kusukusense},
  author={白禮源 and 邱昌芳 and 翁靖如},

Identification of a Triterpenoid as a Novel PPARγ Activator Derived from Formosan Plants

Peroxisome proliferator‐activated receptor γ (PPARγ), one of the transcription factors that regulate lipid metabolism and energy use in tumor cells, is a viable target for cancer therapy. In our

Immunomodulatory activities of methanolic extract and isolated compounds from the leaves of Combretum aculeatum Vent

Popularly known as Lahugni in Fulfuldeh and Karkarbaw in Tupuri, Combretum aculeatum Vent. is used in traditional medicine in the Northern regions of Cameroon as back pain, muscular-skeletal aches